A Few Ways To keep Positive Thinking In Your CrossBox  Training. 

   Training can often be brutal, it’s not uncommon to contemplate the reasons it did not go as well as you had hoped. But ,  dwelling on the negative can really mess with your mentality. Eliminate excuses from your workouts by following five simple steps

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1. Be Kind to Your Body. Being healthy is the first step to pardoning excuses. Athletes need to remember that food is fuel for the body, rest days are required and binge-drinking nights are a bad idea. To eliminate excuses, you should begin by eliminating any potentially problematic habits ( slowly). And adjust to the idea that when you do indulge in something less than healthy, your workout will suffer a bit and it’s not a big deal.

2. Compete With Yourself , no one else’ s results matter. Each athlete has strengths and weaknesses. Everybody has good and bad days. It’s imperative to compete against yourself rather than trying to get to the top of a whiteboard each day. It’s not realistic, and it can ruin your perspective on your own performance.

3. Practice being positive it can go a long way. Before a workout, embrace giving 100 percent (knowing that your 100 percent may derive different results on different days) and being pleased with your personal efforts. Setting goals that are out of reach or unrealistic will only lead to disappointment and a search for excuses. Challenge yourself to practice positivity and appreciate what your all-out efforts accomplished.

4. Keep Your mind on positive thoughts. So if you know yourself to frequently think of excuses, you’ll need to retrain your brain. And that takes time. While you’re trying to regroup in your head, stay focused with little talk.  Negative , thinking counterproductive to your personal progress, and quite frankly, it’s super annoying to everybody around you.

5. Remember, It’s Just a Workout , keep that into perspective.  If you pushed your body to full capicity in your session you did your job as the trainee for the day. 

Excuses may help you feel better about a poor performance, but they change nothing. So screw the excuses. Learn to take ownership for your accomplishments and your shortfalls.


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