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Poligono industrial Calle 5
San Clemente, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

CrossBox Fitness 171229 rodarice 6

LWarm up 

1. 12 Alternating Single Arm Snatches
2. 20 Wall Balls
3. 50 Double Unders (or 100 singles)


Squat Snatch
Odd- 3 Reps
Even- Rest

Start at 75% and climb as able


3 Rounds
30 Single Arm Snatches (50,35)
30 Wallballs
90 Double Unders

Level 2- 40,25
Level 1- 30,15

*Coaches Note* – Snatches should be relatively light. Scale to a weight you can move fairly quickly

CrossBox Boxing  171229rodarice 6

LWarm Up 

1600m Run 

LS Skill 

 6 – 30 Second Heavy Bag Sprints


3 Rounds 
1 Minute Jab Cross
30 Second Burpees
1Minute Push Ups
30 Second Burpees
1 Minute Sit  Ups 
30 Second Burpees
1Minute Rest – Repeat

What is CrossBox Fitness Interantional

CrossBox Fitness International is a Brand of Fitness on a global scale where it’s leaders may differ in personality , teaching language, geography and appearance. However unite in their dedication to the Universal Application of Safe Fitness Training  and Continued Education through peer collaboration .

CrossBox Fitness International is Uniting the World of Fitness.

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