WhAT IS cROSSbOX International

  CrossBox  International  is a brand of fitness, on a global scale, where it’s leaders may differ in personality, teaching language, geography and appearance. However, unite in their dedication to the universal application of safe fitness training and continued education through peer collaboration. 

Fitness Education is the process that occurs when tested field concepts collide with data which is then shared through collaboration with like – minded professionals.  That is the exact process that CrossBox International Affiliation presents to every Fitness Professional
that takes next step of affiliation with CrossBox International.

​   The core standards of fitness safety are universal and are required by any fitness professional seeking to join this collaboration, and desiring to hold the distinction of CrossBox International Affiliate. CrossBox International holds the affirmative belief that if a Fitness Professional allows their scope of knowledge to be bound by their own personal success and the confines of the walls of your
training center, regardless of education level, you may not be open – minded enough to be a successful, CrossBox International Affiliate.
Put simply, CrossBox Affiliates learn fitness safety through basic education, however learn fitness application through collaboration.

This collaboration effort is at the core of our Affiliation Program.  The mission of The CrossBox International Affiliate Program is to create a Brand of Fitness, on a global scale, where it’s leaders, may differ in personality, teaching language, geography and
appearance. However, unite in their dedication to the universal application of safe
fitness training. In order to achieve this goal of recognizable safety distinction all CrossBox facilities, CrossBox
International requires that before applying for Affiliation, the applicant, holds a current fitness related certification from an Accredited Fitness Certifying Body or a Degree from an Accredited Secondary Education Institution. The applicant must be able to provide
proof of the said credential as well allow permission for CBI to verify the said credentials, through communication with the specified certifying agency. If you have questions regarding the applicability of your current certification please go to www.crossboxfitness.com


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