CrossBox  is  an international  branded fitness regimen created by Donny Mustapha  and is a published trademark of  CrossBox International LLC in International Class041.

  CrossBox  is a an international  branded fitness regimen created by Donny Mustapha  and is a published trademark of  CrossBox International LLC in International Class041 .  Mustapha was the first person to utilize Strict Boxing Basics in strategic sequences , to maximize  a person’s fitness capacity , while giving them boxing basics , at the same time.  The CrossBox programming is designed specifically  for improving fitness levels , while giving the dedicated practitioner , a basic Self Defense Platform. CrossBox International has built the largest collection of Fitness Boxing workout’s in the world, which are available for public use. Each day the CrossBox Fitness Journal  publishes a CrossBox Boxing Workout and CrossBox Fitness Workout for free at www.crossboxfitness.com. 

   CrossBox also employ’s competitive fitness functional movements performed at high intensity levels.  Each of the functional movements were strategically selected in their relevance to basic functional everyday movement.  CrossBox , aside from employing strict  boxing CrossBox utilizes , weightlifting, running, rowing and more.  CrossBox workouts incorporate elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, calisthenics, strongman, and other exercises in conjunction with strict boxing  sequences.     Traditional Boxing Gyms were among the first group training platforms in the modern fitness era.

   The CrossBox facilities in your  community will exemplify the same community feel  found in the boxing gyms of yesterday and make you feel welcome , regardless of your current fitness level. This community feel mixed with a global need for a fitness organization that symbolizes , safety before productivity ,  is a key component of why CrossBox is so effective, and how it has now spawned into a global network of CrossBox International affiliates that are all united in their pursuit of fitness education and physical fitness. CrossBox the training program has evolved into CrossBox International which is the  first modern fitness concept that demands safety before productivity by requiring all affiliated CrossBox Facilities to be headed by a Fitness Professionals with a Credential , held by an accredited fitness Certifying Body.  This commitment by all CrossBox affiliates offers the public assurance that their CrossBox facility of choice is a safe place to get fit and begin their fitness journey.


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